Most anger management therapy is focused on talking about your problem.

The “why” you are angry.

Although it can be very therapeutic to talk to someone about your life and your problems, it doesn’t necessarily help you live better and how to be less angry.

Talking isn’t a treatment.

Advice, no matter how good the advice is, can’t always be taken.

That’s where Strategic Hypnotherapy for anger management comes in.

Here at Macarthur Complete Health, we seek to reveal “how” you do anger.  What thought processes you run which cause anger.

Most of us learn by observing the world around us, so chances are we learned how to deal with the stresses of the world from those closest to us.  Which for most of us was our parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.  This gives us our internal map of how the world should be.

Sometimes our internal maps can cause us problems if there is a difference between how we think the world should be and how the world is.

These role models might not have had the most effective patterns and behaviours, which we emulated.

Although sometimes we would like to pass responsibility to them, we can’t blame them for our problems. 

After all, most people are generally doing the best they can with what they know.  We don’t know what we don’t know.

What we have is not a psychological problem, but rather a skills gap.

We can, with the right anger management therapy, learn what we don’t know.

Using hypnosis for anger, utilising strategic psychotherapy, can help you to easily learn how to fill those skills gaps to learn different patterns and internal map, which will be more effective in your life.

Hypnotherapy uses the powerful unconscious mind, making change easier than you could have imagined.

While sitting back and relaxed in hypnosis, suggestions are made to you which will allow you to explore a different way to be.

Hypnosis naturally allows you to focus on more effective thought patterns while focusing less on the patterns which are causing anger.

Essentially, it is a kind of pattern interruption that will teach you to function in a more useful way.

What we focus on increases and if you are focused on what makes you angry then chances are you are going to struggle with anger management.

Learning to focus on realistic thoughts decreases anger and alleviates your anger management problems for good.

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